Science Shake is the first dry lab that would convert your scientific ideas and sporadic data into meaningful manuscripts. We are helping the scientific community through offering research writing services, multiple statistical solutions, bioinformatics analysis, and many other services that would make your work publishable along with saving time and efforts. A good thing to know, we can work 100% online.


Science Shake aims at providing the scientific community with all computational solutions that would enhance the research quality, facilitate research questions, and enable it to be published internationally.


Science Shake vision is to establish a trusted Egyptian Dry Lab in the MENA region that would empower scientific research in the area and would be recognized around the globe.

Maha Abo-Elfotouh
Clinical Pharmacist

Maha is an outstanding pharmacist who joined the clinical research field more than 10 years ago. She participated efficiently in the designing, planning, conduction, and reporting of more than 100 clinical studies in different therapeutic areas. Her areas of interest include medical writing, biostatistics, and clinical data management. Currently Dr. Abo-Elfotouh is a consultant to several organizations including CROs, pharmaceutical companies and academic research centers. In addition, she currently focuses sharing her practical experiences and theoretical knowledge with whom interested in the field of clinical research through conducting training courses and tailored workshops for post-graduate students, clinical research teams and MSLs.

Alyaa Farouk Hessin

Alyaa Farouk is one of the prominent molecular pharmacologists in the field who works in several international and national research projects, and a consultant in research institutes. Dr. Hessin has more than 10 years of experience in scientific research; she got her PhD degree and her post-doc research from reputable universities in the USA; and she is a certified pharmacist from the American Board of Pharmacy. As an author and reviewer on numerous articles, she has an extensive experience in medical writing and biostatistics. Additionally, she has a master’s degree in administration, and a diploma in quality management form the American University in Cairo. This made her a frequent speaker in scientific conferences around the globe. Her current focus is on transferring the knowledge and making substantial contributions in the Arab scientific community

Marawan Abdel
Baset, PhD

Marawan is a distinguished clinical pharmacologist who has 10 years plus experience in translational research. He is a co-pi in many clinical trials, the most recent is the development of Egyptian vaccine for COVID-19. Besides his Master’s and PhD degrees, Marawan is a certified nutritionist and an experienced quality assessor in implementing the “ISO 14001 and ISO 45001”. His comprehensive exposure to various scientific projects and conferences, allowed him to be a skilled biostatistician and a professional user to many statistical and referencing programs. Furthermore, Dr. Abdel-Baset is a well-known trainer in multiple research institutes, and a frequent speaker in TV shows.

Basma Radwan

Dr. Radwan is an extraordinary biotechnologist, she has been exposed to several molecular biology techniques during her working journey. Basma is working on different NGS panels on Illumina MiSeq, immunophenotyping, flow cytometry, and various molecular genetics techniques. Furthermore, she did a diploma in bioinformatics which allowed her to gain extensive knowledge in data analysis using diverse tools including but not limited to Linux, NCBI, PATRIC, Clustal, T-Coffee, UniprotKB/Swiss-Prot and RAST. Her 5 years of experience in genome-onco centers inspired her to support researcher in exploiting the missed opportunities of bioinformatics tools.

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