Editing Kit

This is an integrated service that includes Paraphrasing, Plagiarism Reduction, Proofreading, and English Editing services.

Proofreading/ English-editing
Proofreading/ English-editing is a mandatory step before publication. In Science Shake, we are introducing this service in a unique way; your paper/ thesis,..
Paraphrasing and Plagiarism Reduction

Your service provider is a specialized PhD-holder who has more than 15 years of experience in scientific research and publishing.

Primers Designing & In-silico PCR

Science Shake experts design the primers using web-based tools like "Primer3" and "Web Primer". For designing the primer, DNA template sequence is extracted ..

Designing of Posters & PowerPoint presentations

Our creative team will perform for you impressive and accurate PowerPoint and poster presentations for scientific conferences..

Medical Translation

In Science Shake, we do more than translating text to the target language. Our team has international working experience in several English-speaking...

Plagiarism Checking
Plagiarism is presenting someone else's work or ideas as your own, all universities and journals are fighting such an unethical behavior. In Science Shake, we are helping you to stay safe and check your manuscript, thesis, assignment ..
Bioinformatics Analysis
Boost your research with bioinformatics data, our reputable researchers would assist you in extracting data from various bioinformatics tools such as UniProtKB, ExPASy, Ensembl, ...
Medical Transcription

Medical interviews are no longer a hassle; public health specialists would relate the most. The Dry Lab provides audio to text transcription in English and Arabic; accuracy is guaranteed, thanks to our AI transcription ..

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